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Post  Rhys Mason(Forum Admin) on Thu Feb 19, 2015 11:24 pm

Hi there,
My name is Rhys, i'm nineteen years of age and I am a Graphic Designer from Wolverhampton, England.

I started KMH back in 2008 just a young, naive schoolboy with big ambitions and two great teammates - my best friends Tom and George. I have been involved in a lot of different forms of modern media since 2008 and have particularly progressed in Graphic Design and Advertising.

Photoshop was introduced to me in '08 when I started to create YouTube content for KMH's Gaming section. This was mainly commentating over gameplay from such titles as FIFA and Call of Duty recorded from my Xbox 360 with my Hauppage HD PVR. This was the start of a long journey into modern media for me.

I went on to learn how to use Sony Vegas to edit my videos cleanly and professionally rather than an amateur edit via Windows Movie Maker. This opened up a lot of work for me within the YouTube community. I would edit for major Call of Duty YouTubers - creating montages, mini edits and mashups of their content which got my work publicised via their channels. My best edit got around 150,000 views on 'S7 Snipers' YouTube channel back in 2011. This gained a lot of traffic for my editing and design work.

From the newly found 'custom', Graphics seemed to gain the most interest. Back in those days, YouTube had a fully customisable background scheme and I loved challenging myself to create backgrounds that stood out & we're unique to each channel. My work was even featured on both OpTic Queen and FaZe Fakie's YouTube channels; this I am very proud of still to this day.

During school, and later at college, I took a Photography class which opened up that field of media for me too. This was something that I already enjoyed wholeheartedly and I gained some very helpful skills which helped me progress in this field. I decided to start creating photo reels to display my work on YouTube - you can view them here: (Part 1 & Part 2).

More to follow.
Rhys Mason(Forum Admin)
Rhys Mason(Forum Admin)

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