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Post  Rhys Mason(Forum Admin) on Thu Feb 19, 2015 2:47 am

So what is KMH?
KMH was orignially an Animation and Gaming company set up by it's founders (Tom, Rhys and George) in 2008. The guys were young, budding entrepreneurs and wanted to quickly get onto the business scene and create their own product in the two unique and growing fields of media at the time.

Working through their free school periods and generating ideas with each other and friends, the trio quickly came up with two products inspired by their influences in both Animation and Gaming - Cooper Street and War and Rebellion were born!

Cooper Street was an adult humoured cartoon heavily influenced by Seth MacFarlane's 'Family Guy'. The guys created their own comedic characters with a full psychological breakdown of each of their characteristics - including sketches of their appearances and even some voices were recorded! Their endeavor sadly, ended there though as Cooper Street was something they we're going to throw everything into and create professionally or not at all. Funding and correct equipment never came for KMH and sadly the idea was retired in late 2011.

War and Rebellion (heavily influenced by Activision's Call of Duty series) was a unique attempt at a war-based video game for it's time. With the success of their inspiration booming, the lads were keen to see whether they could input something that was missing from the major gaming title. The idea was to make the game educational as well as enjoyable with the input of battles and scenes from historical events which would subsequently help the learning for students of History in schools, colleges and universities. This was the sort of innovative idea that Walsall EBP's 'Young Entrepreneur of the Year' judges we're looking for and it went on to win KMH the prestigious award for 2010. However, much like the Cooper Street problems, the game couldn't be made due to the lack of equipment, developmental tools and training that the boys needed so much.

Fast Forward to 2015 and Tom & Rhys are coming back onto the scene! We're now experimenting in various areas of Media and Photography that we have prior experience in (View 'Our Projects' for more info). Inside, we're still the same ambitious teens with big goals and challenges; the only difference being that we now possess many of the tools we need to help make this ambition a reality!

Thank you for reading our story & we hope to hear from you soon!
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